‘The jewels of the blue lagoon’ Print – inspired by the beauty of Polymita Snails, and the mystery of what might lie beneath the water surface? Be reminded of your childhood imagination and wonder. Available in A4 and A3+.


*** Proudly printed on extremely high quality 100% cotton fibre (COLD PRESS) paper***


A girl of pure heart rowed under the moon,

Hundreds of jewelled shells glistened in the lagoon,

On the still waters of the Grouper's lair,

A beam of light guided her to the hidden stair.

The Jewels of the blue lagoon Print

A4 Print
    • Available in A4 (210mm x 297mm) & A3+ (329mm x 483mm)
    • A3+ is printed on textured matte (COLD PRESS) 340 g/m2 100% cotton fibre paper
    • A4 is printed on textured matte (COLD PRESS) 330 g/m2 100% cotton fibre paper
    • The paper is extremely high quality and is almost identical to what the orginial artwork is painted on
    • For the little and big people of your life or just yourself
    • Great addition to a child's room, or for starting a collection 
    • Printed with border (image will be smaller than paper size)
    • Free shipping on A4 

© 2020 All artworks/images are the property of Christopher Maxwell and may not be copied or used in anyway without permission

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