I’m an aspiring Australian illustrator with a strong passion for children’s picture books, and a desire to create beautiful images that tell a story. As an owner of many children’s books I have an appreciation for a variety of illustrative styles, but have always been drawn to illustrations portrayed with greater visual information, using a more refined technical approach. Even as a child I found myself getting lost in illustrations with an abundance of detail, and been fascinated by the depth of imagery. My illustrative style is comprised of multi layered watercolour washes with intricate details, and crisp clean lines without emulating realism. Dreamlike situations are created through fanciful compositions that are brought further to life with bright colours, high in saturation and contrast with complementing subtleties. I have developed my own unique, technical and timeless style that is enhanced through the use of traditional elements, without following current trends. My style is not just about showcasing my technical ability but stems from a strong belief that children’s illustrations should not only appeal and bring joy to the youngest minds but also be appreciated and admired by parents and grandparents alike, by evoking nostalgic feelings.


My diverse experience and knowledge in the many facets of art, allows me to create original and unique work of the highest standard in a multitude of possible mediums including watercolour (my personal favourite) , graphite pencil, ink, pastel, mixed media, acrylic, digital and sculpture. Although I have developed my own style and techniques, I’m inspired by other illustrators like Aaron Becker, Shaun Tan, Levi Pinfold, David Wiesner, Oliver Jeffers, and Eric Rohmann to name a few.


My main goal is to Illustrate children books as a career. I would like the opportunity to work with emerging and top authors to bring their words to life, and become a published author/illustrator myself. I love all children’s books but wordless picture books are my absolute favourite. I have been working on my own debut 32 page wordless picture book with the painted illustrations close to completion. Although I haven’t currently had any of my work published, or worked with an author before, I don’t see this as a negative, as this does not reflect the quality and potential of my work. I have a large online following through Instagram and are known for my unique watercolour children’s illustration. I’ve worked on commissioned projects as well as selling original works internationally for children’s rooms.


Brief educational background:

I am a creative artist and art has been an integral part of my education through both my secondary schooling years and my tertiary studies. I began formal art lessons in 1999 at Atwell Arts Centre and Gallery in Alfred Cove, WA. Selected for a position in the Special Art Program at Applecross SHS for years 8-12 and graduated as the top student in the program. I was awarded 2nd in the state for Year 12 graduates studying Art & Design, received a WSA Certificate of Distinction in Art & Design, both WA Curriculum Council Awards.

I then went on to study a Certificate IV in the Fine Arts at TAFE and then a Diploma in Visual Art and Craft and then finally, an Advanced Diploma in Art & Design.

More recently I’ve been building an online presence, selling my work international and creating my debut picture book: ‘He was tremendously scary and extraordinarily hairy’.

© 2020 All artworks/images are the property of Christopher Maxwell and may not be copied or used in anyway without permission

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